Laura from UH and Kate from Birth Companions

In the heart of Soho, The Lost Mother’s team recently gathered for an afternoon tea at Cutter and Squidge. This informal meet-up was more than just a casual get-together; it was an opportunity to discuss ongoing projects, exchange gifts, and acknowledge the team’s efforts in the Lost Mothers Project.

Cutter and Squidge, with its cosy ambiance, provided an ideal setting for our discussions. The menu, featuring an array of cakes and sandwiches, added a lovely touch to the afternoon.

Gifts were exchanged among team members and with Birth Companions—a tangible acknowledgment of our collaboration. The gathering also included recognition for the Lived experience team members whose contributions have been so valuable in the Lost Mothers Project.

When we come together, it is clear we are a united team, sharing our passion and commitment in lively, inquisitive and supportive conversations. We each bring unique experiences and understanding to the table, and we value every voice. There are also strong feelings of care and love, for each other and for the women caught up in the system right now.

We were able to start a discussion and make plans about our forthcoming writing retreat. This retreat will offer a chance for our team to collaborate outside the usual workspace. As we parted ways, it was with a shared commitment to the ongoing success of the Lost Mothers Project.