The Lost Mothers Project Welcome three new Research Assistants!

The Lost Mothers project has expanded its team by welcoming Natalie Avlonitis, Shanice Redwood, and Libby Phillips as new Research Assistants. Each of them brings a distinct background and expertise to the team, which is led by Dr Laura Abbott at the University of Hertfordshire. The project’s primary objective is to gain a better understanding of the challenges that women in prison face when separated from their babies and to explore solutions to improve their experiences.  

The research team will undertake observations and interviews with women who have spent time in prison, social workers, midwives, and other decision-makers to build a better understanding of the experiences of women in the criminal justice system. The team’s passion and motivation will undoubtedly drive the success of the project, which aims to inform policy and promote better outcomes for women and their babies. 

Libby says: 

 “I feel privileged and incredibly grateful that I could be part of this invaluable research project for mothers and their babies”.  

Natalie comments: 

 “There is a real opportunity with this project to create change for the experiences of mothers and babies within the criminal legal system. I feel incredibly proud to be involved in such important and pertinent research.” 

Shanice says: 

 “I am absolutely thrilled to be part of an impactful and necessary project. I am learning more about the Criminal Justice System and how pregnant women and mothers who have been separated from their children face injustice. I look forward to supporting those have faced and continue to face these injustices and hope this project will allow their voices to be heard.” 

The Lost Mothers project, in collaboration with the charity Birth Companions and their Lived Experience Team, is a critical and indispensable initiative and is finding ways to improve the experiences of incarcerated women who are separated from their infants. The recruitment of Natalie, Shanice and Libby as new Research Assistants to the team is a significant stride towards realising the project’s objectives, and we are eager to witness the positive impact of their involvement. 

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